GCSE Chemistry

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During these unprecedented times, TutorFront has been working with schools, teachers and clients to develop a unique solution for maintaining student educational performance. 

We are now delighted to introduce to you a series of custom-designed online short courses to cover everything you would expect from in-school lessons, taught by a qualified teacher.

New ServicE

Custom-made by numerous experts

Designed to consolidate Year 9 and 10 content and prepare students for Year 11 (see topics below). 

Elite-level of education @Home

Taught by our best tutors - with the most experience, best content strategy, effective teaching styles and best client feedback.

Interactive & optimized

Our tutors are experienced using online platforms, we also use various interactive learning tools to gamify testing and progress monitoring.

Easy to join, safe & most secure

No downloads, no login required to view sessions, join from PC/ smartphones, attendee cameras and microphones are completely disabled.

Course Outline

GCSE Chemistry

Upon registration, TutorFront will send you an email with links to join each session and access learning materials. We also provide recordings of all lessons after the sessions.

When: Every Thursday at 4-5pm (UK time)

Topics and sessions:

  1. Structure of atom

  2. Periodic table and group 1

  3. Group 7 and group 0

  4. Ionic and metallic bonding

  5. Covalent and Giant covalent bond

  6. Concept of Mole

  7. Quantitative Chemistry

  8. Quantitative Chemistry

  9. Titration

Lessons are £30 per session. We can offer the first session for free upon sign-up, with no commitments to continue. 


If you are interested to join, please complete the short form below and we will contact you by email/ phone to confirm, or email us anytime at info@tutorfront.com to learn more.



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