GCSE, A level, Biology, Chemistry


Olley graduated from Oxford in 2018 with a master's degree in Biochemistry and has over five years of tutoring experience. In that time, he has helped students pass GCSEs and meet A-level requirements to get them into their first-choice universities, as well as helping university students work on assignments and understand topics for exams. He's confident with KS1-3, GCSE and A-level biology and chemistry, and degree-level biochemistry.

His approach to teaching is that it requires a lot of questions to be asked, both by the tutee and the tutor.  He uses a variety of techniques to work out exactly what his students know about the topic they're working on so they can iron out any misunderstandings and build a proper comprehension of the subject together. 

Learning to parrot the correct answers is an incredibly unsatisfying and ultimately pointless way of learning, so he avoids that as much as possible and encourages his students to think about the theory behind what they're expected to learn, so that they can work out the answers in exams rather than relying on answers they crammed in a panic.

Olley is a patient and calm tutor and takes a student-centric approach to his lessons. He's happy to adapt to the individual needs and learning style of a student and to take an approach which helps them explore their curiosity and understand the subject better.