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Master Class - GCSE Physics

Updated: Feb 14

Date: Tuesday 18th February

Time: 10 am to 1 pm Location: Online Duration: 3 hours Subject: GCSE Physics Session Teacher: Qualified and experienced professional with over 6 years full-time teaching experience. Highest reviewed Tutorfront tutor.

With over 6 years' experience delivering tuition and revision support to students, we are now convening a small group Physics Master Class, which is highly tailored, focusing on individual student needs, and led by a fully qualified & experienced teacher to create a lively, dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

The class is designed to optimise precious revision time and boosting exam results, by:

  • Consolidating knowledge

  • Improving exam technique

  • Building confidence and reducing stress

  • Boosting motivation


  1. Revision of GCSE Physics topics ( Forces, Electromagnets and Waves)

  2. Tackling misconceptions

  3. Learn from common mistakes

  4. Practice exam techniques

  5. Take away additional exam questions for home learning

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