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In-school one-to-one or small group sessions for core and STEM subjects. Get a professional and experienced teacher for timetabled lessons, after-school or weekend sessions in a safe, engaging and comfortable setting.


Some of our teachers are available and flexible to travel to your home. The majority of our teachers reside in and around London. Choose a slot that is suitable for you and we can arrange your sessions.


If you'd prefer a more remote approach, we have a number of teachers who have achieved great success through online sessions. Conducted using our unique collaboration platform.

Crash courses

Running during term times and half-terms. Designed to provide rapid uptake of core topics and exam success techniques by fully qualified teachers. We highly customise sessions to ensure the greatest learning outcome. Contact us to learn more.

Mock exams

We provide mock exam papers and worked examples. Our speciality is science and maths. Identify learning gaps and get a detailed report of strengths and development points for a complete evaluation. 

Admission EXAMS

We can provide you with the support you need to enter the school of your choice. Our teachers are well equipped to provide sessions for students of all backgrounds to enable success in entrance/admission exams.